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Looking for a Hardcore Unit to join in Arkansas
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Thread: Looking for a Hardcore Unit to join in Arkansas

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    Default Looking for a Hardcore Unit to join in Arkansas

    I'm currently looking for a hardcore unit to join with in Arkansas that also portrays an Arkansas unit. I have a very good impression for both an Arkansas troop as well as a Federal. I'm looking for a deeper experiance than the normal mainstream one at reenactments. I am looking for immersion events/living history and reenactment events. I am from the Russellville area, but am willing to travel anywere in the state if the unit is right for me. Thanks.

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    Look at attending Maramdukes Raid and look up the 21st Arkansas from the NW region of the state. Message me if you would like contact info for one or both? Did you attend Prairie Grove?

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    Sousa526 Guest


    I'm actually already registered for Maramduke's Raid, I'll be in John Spain's company. But if you could send me some contact information for the 21st Arkansas I would appreciate it. I'm not familiar with them, do you also know if the have a website I could look at? I was at Prairie Grove, I formed up with the 3rd Arkansas, Co. D. But I have no "home" regiment, I've formed up with them, the 22nd and the NW 15th before.

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    If you want to do Federal, look at the 24th MO Inf (US). We do campaigner about half the time, and mostly all veteran re-enactors who want to do it right. Members in Ark, OK, Mo, and Tx.

    Our Captain, Cal Kinzer has been asked to raise a Federal company for Marmaduke's Raid, and hopefully our guys will be the core of that group.
    Frank Siltman
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    I definatly second the 24th Mo, they are an excellent option for Federal. If I can make it that far East I will fall in under Capt. Kinzer at Marmaduke's.

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    Default 9th Wisc/ ARK

    There is another Federal unit in Arkansas. 9th Wisconsin/ 9th Arkansas

    We do mostly Federal now.



    We have been around since the 1980s.
    At the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, against nearly 20,000 of General Kirby Smith's Rebels, the Ninth and the rest of the First Brigade gallantly held the line, forgetting, as General Friedrich Salomon said, "...they were tired, that they were hungry, and only remembered that they were ordered to hold their ground."

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    Saw you had responded today to a thread dormant for six months... The 24th Missouri doesn't claim to be the main Federal unit in Arkansas, but we do have members from throughout the state. And while we always appreciate having brothers in blue in the trans miss, I would venture that there are some subtle differences between our units. Lastly, I can equivocally state that we are the main Federal campaigning unit in the OK, AR, MO, TX area, which is what the original poster sought.
    Mike Phineas
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    Independent Volunteer Battalion

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