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Thread: Federal Unit in the D.C. Metro Area?

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    Default Federal Unit in the D.C. Metro Area?

    Hey All -

    I'm looking for a good Federal unit in the D.C. metro area - any suggestions?

    Patrick D. Smith

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    Default Federal Unit In Dc/Metro

    Check out the 1st Maryland. They do heavy Artillery at Ft. McHenry, and also infantry, also are members of the National Regiment.

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    Contact Paul Stier with Co K 3rd US Inf.
    Jim Busby

    Walton Guards
    Co D 1st Florida Inf
    Co D 7th Vermont Inf
    Co C 3rd US Infantry

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    The Washington Guard is a Progressive/Campaigner unit in the Washington area. Let me know, I can get you the particulars.
    Eli Heagy
    187th PV

    The 137th NY performed way, way better than the 20th Maine at Gettysburg. They just didn't have a self promoting blow hard of a Col. leading them. Maybe you should look up the history of the 83rd Pennsylvania too, they make the 20th Maine look like the rookies they were.
    There are some very good books out there about the fighting on Culps and Lower Culps Hill. Vincent's Brigade had nothing on those boys at the other end of the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Co D-1st FL View Post
    Contact Paul Stier with Co K 3rd US Inf.
    I second the 3rd US, Company K. But not only am I a poster, i'm also a member.
    Paul Stier is the guy to go to, but if you have questions feel free to reach out to me as well. kevin(dot)j(dot)franklin(dot) Just replace the (dot) with periods.

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    Default 7th Maryland

    7th Maryland (US) has NVa/DC members, give 'em a look.

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    There's also Company B, 28th Massachusetts, an Irish Brigade unit, and the Brady Sharp Shooters, 16th Michigan. Both have people in suburban Virginia (a few of both in Arlington) and Maryland.

    They and the 3rd US are all part of the USV and work and play well together at events throughout the year. They're also all friendly to beginners and have members who attend the full spectrum of events, from local living histories to mega-fests to progressive marches and tacticals.

    An informal group, the "Loudoun Hampshire Mess" conducts monthly ten mile marches on the W&OD trail in Reston. Contact me for details at

    You're in a great area for reenacting. Good luck!
    M. A. Schaffner
    Midstream Regressive Complainer


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