Paul Muller tells me he is offering to make handforged CS hardware "kits" for those that want to upgrade their saddles or,....for those that are building a Confederate saddle, etc.

Occasionally, I get inquiries from folks wanting large (3 or 4 inch interior and VERY hard to find) iron rings for Texas saddles. Others are re-rigging an old (perhaps civilian) saddle. Some folks may have the wrong hardware and just want to improve their saddle. Well, here is a chance to get some.

The kit includes your choices of hand forged rings (choice of size include those for equipment, D-ring, girths, etc.) and the staples. Also hand forged "driven" footstands. Every bit of it handforged iron.

Fellas, GREAT opportunity to improve your saddle kit!

Not sure what he charges so inquire with him

Paul Muller .......... or

I have no vested interest here.....Just wanted toget the word out.

Ken R Knopp