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Thread: Dupage Military Flag Company

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    Default Dupage Military Flag Company

    Our unit is in need of replacing our national color. The company who made it is no longer in business, and we need to find another source.

    Dupage Military Flag Company has come to our attention as a possible source.

    Does anyone on the forum have experience with this company?
    Does anyone have any recommendations for other companies?
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    Solid choice. Their work is excellent, if not a little pricey, but unfortunately there are few commercial sources for quality historical flags anymore. Every now and then an individual steps up and produces a few flags here and there (much like the "old days" when an incredible craftsman sold goods out of the trunk of the car or a blanket at events and soon discovers its a lot like work). I've seen at least a half dozen flags up close produced by Dupage, each one better than the one before.
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