Like Troiani prints? Know someone who does? Love spending lots of money?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you're in luck. I'm helping my uncle move his enormous collection of Don Troiani prints after the gallery je stored them in closed. All of these have never been rolled shipped and stored flat in acid-free print holders (in the dark). They can be picked up locally in Pittsburgh, or mailed at an added fee.

here is the list:

Burnside's Bridge $425

McPhereson's Ridge $300

Iron Brigade (gettysburg) $350

Hampton's Duel $425

For God's Sake Forward $425

1st Minnesota $350

Emmitsburg Road $425

Battery Longstreet $325

Rock of Erin $300

General Patrick Cleburne $300

Brothers of Ireland $625

Drive Them To Washington $250

Sons Of Erin $825

Lone Star $1,250

Brandy Station Review $325

Jackson Is With You $275

First Battleflags $250

Eve Of The Storm $400

Fire On Caroline Street $300

I Will Be Moving Within The Hour (Kunstler, framed) $500

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