Hello All,

I have the following items for sale. First person that says they’ll take an item gets it. If you are interested PLEASE EMAIL ME at kmstetz@gmail.com

1. Original two-panel overshot coverlet. This is a nice one—I almost hate to part with it—but must. Colors are white and blue, and olive green. There is a slight tear near the top (about 12"), but can be fixed easily. Overall measurements 82" x 66".
Asking $100 shipped to your door.

2. Family Heirloom Weavers (FHW) cotton jean. This stuff is getting hard to find as you all well know. This is a tan on light brown ALL COTTON jean. 2 yards by 58 inches. Definitely enough for a nice pair of civilian or Confederate trousers or overalls or whatever you want to make! Don’t let this get away…it can be yours for $80 shipped.

3. Hyde-inspired shirt. This shirt is by no means an EXACT copy of the Hyde shirt in the MOC, and pictured in Confederate echoes, but is nearly the same fabric. The fabric is Family Heirloom weavers (FHW). Neck is about 15” give or take, and would fit up to a 42” chest. Can't remember who made it, but it's entirely handsewn. $45 shipped.

Photos can be seen here:

or send an email for photos

Again, EMAILS only to kmstetz@gmail.com