I am getting out of the hobby, and I wish to sell off the remaining gear I have left. I have the following:

-Duvall Federal Accoutrement set. For a .58 cal repop 1861 Springfield. Cartridge box w/ strap, cap box, bayonet scabbard, waist belt, and all buckles and plates included. Worn to a few events. Asking $360 shipped.
-Federal issue smootside canteen w/jean cloth cover and cloth strap. Made by A. Ulrich. Beeswax lined. Used for a few events. Asking $35 shipped.
-Federal haversack made by Missouri Boot and Shoe. Used a few times, strap shortened. Aksing $30 shipped.
-SA sky blue foot pattern trousers by WW&Co. 32x30. Mule ear pockets. Worn once or twice. Asking $160 shipped.
-SA foot pattern museum gradetrousers by Stoney Brook Co. 30x30. Sky Blue. Never worn to an event. $150 shipped.
-Sky blue infantry trousers by Regimental Quartermaster. 30x30. Worn more than 5 times. Few marks from dirt. $45 shipped.
-Hardee Hat w/ sky blue infantry trim and infantry horn insignia. Made by Regimental Quartermaster. Medium in size. $30 shipped.

I will try to get photos up tonight.

If you have any questions, please email me. Thank you very much.