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Thread: Reading glasses

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    I have a pair of reproduction "large oval" eyeglasses from the Historic Eyewear Company. I got prescription lenses put in at the local Wal-Mart. They are a fantastic pair of eyeglasses. In fact, the optometrist at Wal-Mart LOVED them. He went on and on about the quality of their workmanship and lamented about how today's products simply do not match up. He really liked the way the earpieces "slide." I use them as a 2nd pair of glasses. I believe the price, when compared to prices for today's frames is very fair. They are also fantastic people to work with. The choice, of course, is yours, just as my opinion is just opinion. But if needs be, they will receive repeat business from me!

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    You can also try antique stores,flea markets,yard sales,or junk shops.I have a pair of period reading glasses that I only paid $25 for,including the frame case.They are great reading glasses that work great for whenever I do civilian impressions.
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    i bought 3 pairs on e-bay for 10-15 each, I figued I could get one set to fit...then got my prescription put in them....worked great


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