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Thread: What Rank Are You?

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    Rant or not, that puts it back on track and follows the spirit of the intial post....
    Ross Lamoreaux
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    As this has so little to do with history and so much to do with a social club how about using the norms of other societies and society at large? Once an officer in a lodge then you addressed by that rank, once a judge you are always referred to as: Judge Jones, same for any office. In the recent election one of the candidates was titled as Governor even though it had been years since he held that office. This makes re-enacting rank a social title with little real meaning.
    If you are in uniform and you are wearing the rank of Sultan of Iowa then you would expect other participants to address you as such even if they don't recognize any authority attached to your title. Thus in the here and now of an event or other occasion that merits the wearing of a uniform you are whatever the rank that your uniform represents. If you want to go around the rest of the time saying you are the Grand Vizier of Tatoonie then people may or may not respect your wishes.
    A bit more etiquette and removing the chip from your own shoulder would help to guide you in your interactions.
    The one post of merit and of use in understanding history is #19, the rest of this is hobby related complaining or preening and this whole thing should be in the whine cellar.
    Boyd Miles

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    Well said Mr. (I presume this title is ok) Berezuk. Although I rather enjoy having Esquire behind my name from time to time.

    A.Redd ESQ.
    Andy Redd

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    Well, I started the thread and I'm satisfied we've made all the points that can be made:

    1." Eternal Colonel because the boys make me lead them and you can put in on my tombstone"
    2. "I'd rather be a snuffy, but they drafted me to lead" (a variation on "every time I think I'm out they pull me back in")
    3. "I'm the captain for the weekend, but I'll tote a shootin' iron next time"
    4. "Officers? Got no use fer 'em" (of course, I also know nothing about what challenges being an officer entails 'cause I ain't never been one")
    5. "What?"

    I still think it's silly to be referred to by any rank in the hobby off the field, but that's just me. Ross, you can lock it as far as I'm concerned.
    Bill Cross
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_Cross View Post
    I still think it's silly to be referred to by any rank in the hobby off the field, but that's just me. Ross, you can lock it as far as I'm concerned.
    Or to refer to yourself by any rank in the hobby off the field for that matter.
    Keith Kosek

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    Mostly, we are all just 'rank', whether we wear it on our shoulders or not.

    but sometimes I remember to pack the lavender water
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