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I have been approached at several events and asked "Who is the officer on this gun" I then have to explain there are no officers on artillery pieces, that the lowly Sgt. is in command. I believe my gun is the only one I've seen with no officers. I was told at a recent meeting that there had to be an officer on each gun it's in the SOP's and Bylaws. Sorry but historically there were no officers serving on an artillery piece. They should be battery commanders. Just a quick funny story, at Cedar Creek one year a General rode between our piece and limber. A 70 Sgt Maj. (who serveed in two wars and actually held that rank) began to explain to General that what he did was unsafe, the General said "Do you see my rank" The Sgt Maj. responed "Give me 5 minutes to get to sutler row and I'll be a general too."

Sgt M Gregory
Commander Essex Artillery
Mr. Gregory our unit is the same as yours. We have 1 Cpl. and one Sgt. for command. Sgt is over all and Cpl. is our gunner. This I believe was the actual practice in the war with officers serving the battery as a whole.