Hope it didn't sound from my post that I have any problem with officers. Officers are a necessary and authentic part of our hobby...Even the "bad" ones. They had incompetent officers then too. I agree with Mr.Swart....Be willing to portray what the event calls for, and what you are capable of. I also agree with Indguard that guys who refuse to portray either side when needed are much more an annoyance. IMHO, guys who are too proud to get out of their comfort zone, whether it be officer or enlisted man, CS or US detract from the hobby as a whole. But hey, it's a hobby and people are people huh??

I'm not too proud to wear rank....just maybe too lazy to do it except under duress. I enjoy portraying an enlisted infantryman. Not always a shirker or malcontent, just an average man of the time period. I do from time to time portray a somewhat deficient NCO or junior officer....when required.

I stand by my previous post though...Any" intellectual" who annoints himself a , quote, "expert", while denouncing "amatuer" living historians or, "Civil War reenactors" as buffoons, is an "^$$%^&*".

I need to go back to reading more and posting less. Better for avoiding foot in mouth disease.

D.W. Scalf