All in all, this certainly isn't the worst period piece out there and when looked at in that context, I think it stands up well against other movies depicting this era. Did it have it's problems? Yep. Would I have done a couple things differently? Perhaps, but for some reason I have been unable to break into the movie making biz and create a historical blockbuster?! I know, I can't figure it out either!

We could nit pick this film all day long, but, as others have said, it is just a film, not a historical narrative that dots every single one of our i's and crosses all of out t's for us, nor did it ever claim to be. I imagine if you spent the time and resources getting every single detail completely accurate in a film of this period, you'd either never finish making the thing or create a bigger snoozefest of a movie for the vast majority of movie goers. Yeah, we'd all be over here on our jollies because someone finally got it all right but since we are such a tiny niche in the world of moviegoers, most people probably wouldn't care or know what they were looking at anyways. As far a blatant historical errors go, I imagine/hope/assume it's for the good of the story and provides something to the moviegoer that doesn't already know about i.e. the brutality and aftermath of a battlefield.

And while we're on the subject of snoozefests, if my calculations are correct, those who slept through it paid about ten bucks for a two hour nap! Maybe the sleep's more valuable, who knows? I must say I mean absolutely no offense to any wives/girlfriends as I had to nudge my wife a few times through this one as well, I'm merely joking. I guess I'm just a really cheap moviegoer and think that the whole experience of seeing a movie anymore is grossly overpriced. In the fairer sex's defense, I generally zone out when your programming is on too, so we're even!

I guess I'm just glad that a movie is made about our time period at least every few years and that at least this time, high quality people were involved in the making.