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    I would like to take a moment and thank each of you for a fine reenactment season this past year. The events I have attended with you have been top notch! I don't think I will ever foget the cornfield event at Maryland My Maryland. Being able to teach the public through living history, and interacting with each of you on the field has been a joy, and a learning experience in itself. May each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and may you know many joys not only in your reenacting experiences , but in life itself. May next year be just as productive as the past year, may we reach the goal of educating al, and may we learn to come together for the good of the Hobby. God Bless you all !! HAPPY THANKSGIVING


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    Default Holiday wishes

    Thank you HandSpike for the Thanksgiving wishes. I was not on the field with you but appreciate your holiday post. I wanted to post my own Thanksgiving blessings to all but for some reason (maybe because I have only been a member for a couple months) I am not allowed to post yet. I pray a special Thanksgiving on you and yours today. God bless!

    Chaplain Langford


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