Another thread was immediately shut down because someone asked about an article of clothing that was post war. But, what if that question was in regard to something a Civil War Veteran would have worn?

With our aging reenactor population, many of us will be doing GAR/SCV impressions in the very near future and the need to discuss clothing from the later periods may be necessary. If the topic concerns Civil War veterans, even in the post-war years, then it should, in my opinion, not be restricted.

By comparision, virtually all Civil War statues were post war, yet there is a space on this web forum to discuss statues. Most battlefield preservations issues have their roots in the post-war period, indeed right up to the current day, yet there is space to discuss them.

Therefore I suggest and request a area on this forum be created to discuss post-war veteran impressions, to include discussions of post-war clothing pertaining to veterans feely, without penalty of moderator lock-down due to being off topic.