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Thread: FS: Cup, Pan, Forks, Oiler

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    Default FS: Cup, Pan, Forks, Oiler

    I have the following used items for sale. All prices include shipping...OR...
    I will sell all items for one price (including shipping) for $32. PM me with your email addy for thumb nail attachment is full and I don't see a way to delete them! If you know how, could you share the info? Thanks, Janine

    1. 2 prong, 3 prong, 4 prong antique forks. Wood handles in nice shape. $17

    2. Tin cup. Stained from past use around fire. Small dents & etc. No holes. $8.

    3. Small fry pan. Bottom measures 4" across and top lip measures 6" across. Handle is 6" long. Stained from use. Needs a good scrubbing. $8

    4. Village Tinsmith's oil tin. This has a dipping brush attached to the screw top. There is still some gun oil in it. $8

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    Item #4 has been sold. Thanks!


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