I was going through a box of extra gear and found the following items.

#1. Original Coverlet, wool and cotton, handsewn panel construction, brown and tan color within the vegetable dye range. This is a larger size that would allow bigger reenactors/living history interpreters to wrap up in it. Price: $75.00 plus shipping.

#2. Reproduction Red Wool Flannel Overshirt, Size 44. The color of the wool is comparable with original shirts excavated on the Steamboat Arabia. Has a placket front with a design of dark blue wool tape and original plain brass buttons applied (based off of an original illustrated advertisement), handsewn button holes, original plain brass buttons for cuff and collar closure. Made myself years ago for use at a living history site I worked at. Would look great under a military jacket as an extra shirt to keep out the winter chill. Price $75.00 plus shipping.

#3. Reproduction Federal Overcoat, Size 44. Brown two tone wool twill lining that compares well with many originals, Stony Brook sky blue kersey body, cotton drill sleeve lining, machine sewn with a number of handsewn details. A warm coat in good condition with a few mud stains. Constructed myself. Price: $195.00 plus shipping.

Please email me at if you are seriously interested in purchasing an item. Funds expected within seven days of stating "I'll take it."

Thank you,