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    Default Civilian pix at Battle of Perryville...

    Esteemed Szaborians,
    Having grown "tired" of seeing the same ole dead thread on this section, I decided to post this message here, just so we can have something "new" in this category.
    For your entertainment and (hopefully) pleasure, a selection of over 300 images captured at the Battle of Perryville on Oct. 5-7, 2012 –another 150th anniversary event in the Civil War reenacting calendar. Lots of civilian images, which nearly every other photographer attempting to cover the hobby seems to neglect.
    This collection is, as far as I know, the single largest compendium of the Battle of Perryville program.
    In other words, you will not be seeing the surrepticious work of “haversack shooters” that use one of their usual “Instacrapics” –or, egads, cell phones-- to catch a few fleeting moments of the event.
    Instead, you will get to enjoy a leisurely visit through every military camp, and the civilian camp, and the after-hours get togethers and, of course, each of the battles of the weekend. No one else, as far as I have seen, has taken the trouble to carry out such a thorough photographic coverage of an event.
    And you will see *exactly* what happened, without any “electronic enhancements.”
    So please enjoy the display while you can.
    Because at the risk of sounding like a prophet of doom, the stark reality is that the end of my photographic career is fast approaching and, pretty soon, these photographic exhibits will be gone.
    So… enjoy them while you can.
    Your feedback is always welcome. In fact, it is *HIGHLY* encouraged, for that is great motivation for how we can improve what we do.
    So please get in touch IF YOU FEEL THE NEED.
    Let us know what you like. And what you DO NOT like.
    We are big boys at Zangroniz Photography, and I assure you that we CAN take any criticism, as long as you can defend it in a somewhat logical manner. But if you can show us where we fell short, I guarantee you that we will LISTEN to your criticism(s).
    So enjoy the show, folks!
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    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Trish Hasenmueller

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    Awesome possum.
    - Silas Tackitt

    "Civilian Camps are Resource Pigs. Let's do something about that. Hardly an original concept, nor are the solutions. Civilian Camps tend to suck up more of the wood resources of an event because each and every Canvas Palace has to have its very own fire in which to cook its very own Plumb Duff and Roast Beast." - - Terre Lawson, 27 April 2015.

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    Thank you, Counselor!
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist


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