I agree with you 100%.

There is always a trade off in anything.

Having put on events such as Burkittsville, War on the James, Welborne as so forth on one hand, and September Storm, At High Tide, and Maryland my Maryland on the other there is always something that have to, well, "give"

Just like the upcoming IHR event this April will be different from all of the above.

Each and every event has a goal, and as such not all events can be lumped together...or even should be.

Sometimes people want to lump events I put on together...when in fact there are differing goals for each.

War on the James was for immersion for participants.....Maryland my Maryland and At High Tide were put on to just for once, to have larger events with numbers but still maintain rules and regs and have good battle scenarios....

IHR will have civilians like at War on the James, with the military focussing on during period tasks in a period manner, while in the "fog of war" and dealing with period issues you don't encounter at your typical powder burner...and being judged while doing so...sorta like the Recon series on speed.

I always try to "sell" an event honestly based upon its respective goals.

No one event will make everyone happy, and sometimes it bothers me a lot as well....knowing that to get A, I had to sacrifice B...

I do try to be honest and upfront so folks know what to expect however....