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    Default US Navy Units

    Any US Navy groups looking for a fully uniformed and kitted recruit in PA, MD area?

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    Default navy units

    You might contact the USNLP at I believe they have a couple ppl in that area. There's also a group out of the Tidewater area that does civil war navy and a crew from the USS Constellation in Balitimore I think.

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    If you are interested in truly naval events, check out the Ship's Company. They are a group based in the mid-Atlantic and do most of their events on board the USS Constellation in Baltimore. They also attend other events for Civil War that had Navy participants in the actual events. Here is their website.

    In addition to Civil War, many of the members also do War of 1812 but you are welcome to contact them even if your only interest is Civil War.


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    Ship's Company has provided all the needed information. The events organized there are really nice ones and entertaining.
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