I was sent an email that informed me that my photo hosting service, Smugmug, was doubling their annual subscription rate at renewal. For me that is January 2013. I am a non profit and before I started this Sesquicentennial project I was using free Flickr. Now I pay $120 annually for the service. The new price will be $250.

I wanted to make the images available to the dedicated folks that show up at the events, rain or shine, cold or hot. This seemed like the best way to show off the images and offer a way for folks to help donate to the cause we are all working toward. To date, your donations have amounted to over $2,000. All of that plus my own "rounding" has increased donations to everything from Brittney's Foundation (Chris Anders focused charity that I support) to Historical and foundations that are dedicated to this effort.

Anyway, I am about to launch a new site soon. The service is Zenfolio. I like the look. Its simple and lets me concentrate on photography and not on web site design.

There should not be any change in access or links. But the best plans......Anyway, if anyone is so inclined to check the new site and leave comments either on the site or here, I will appreciate it.

If there is anyone that has ever switched hosting sites, tell me what problems you had.

Here is the link. Don't bookmark this because it is temperory and will change to the oakhillstudio.org/civilwar150photos.org when it comes up live. They are actually the same sit so I am actually consolidating my efforts

New Blog Site

New Oak Hill Studio Web Site