I have 2 girls dresses for sale. These were made by me and worn by two little girls who have now outgrown them.

#1: *approximate size 5/6* (fits child who currently wears a large 5 or a 6) with the following measurements: Waist: 24" Skirt Length: 17" Sleeve Length (Short Sleeves): 4.5" from dropped shoulder. This is gently used, slightly faded but in still good condition. Made of white and blue plaid cotton, it is accurate in cut and construction to the 1860's, including lots of hand stitching, including hand stitched buttonholes down the back. Piped armscye and neckline. The style has short sleeves that are ruched at the shoulder for a dressy appearance and a wide "boat" neckline. The skirt is full gathered. There is a bias band of self fabric ruching hand tacked to the front bodice. There is also a narrow tuck across the bodice that can be let out for an additional 1" of length. *The hem is not finished, merely turned under 1/2" and pressed*. You will have to finish the hem yourself either by narrowly hemming the skirt or adding a hem facing. I would rate this as a mostly authentic reproduction, with the exceptions being the plastic buttons (could easily be replaced for a better look) and the fact that this fabric is a printed plaid instead of a woven plaid.

#2: *approximate size 4* (fits my child who wears a current modern 4T) with the following measurements: Waist: 25" Skirt Length: 18" Sleeve Length: (from dropped shoulder to wrist) 9.5". Gently used and in good condition. This is made with a period appropriate cut. I would rate it as a beginning/mainstream gown since although the cut is accurate for the 1860's, the fabric is a solid pink cotton seersucker (solid cottons were generally not used for gowns in this period, nor seersucker either). The trim is narrow bands of pink silk ribbon. Accurate construction, including hand done buttonholes down the back. The buttons are plastic but could easily be replaced for a better look. Piped neckline and armscyes and lots of hand finishing. There are tucks in the sleeves and in the skirt that can be let out for an additional 1.5" of length.

Price: $25 apiece or BOTH for $35, priority shipping paid for domestic address.

I can take check (will ship once check has cleared) or money order (ship the same day or the day after receipt)

PM me or email at david_sarahmeister @ mtco. com (omit spaces) if you are interested. Thanks!