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    Esteemed Szabozians,
    I guess I can’t “keep it a secret” any longer, since I have already seen at least two posts in Facebook making reference to it: I have placed a bunch of photos (280-plus) on my Smugmug website about the Remembrance Day observances in Gettysburg on November 16-17 for all to enjoy.
    They include pre-parade, parade and post-parade images, and, as usual, I try to provide a comprehensive presentation of the entire *weekend* that is erroneously –but popularly— known as Remembrance *Day* though usually my photography stretches over that three-day period.
    That did not happen this year, because I suffered the "disappearance" of my car keys, though I lean more and more towards the theory that it was a theft, because I am still missing one of my haversacks that *might* have contained those keys.
    Also missing: an old, inoperative cell phone, a pair of period gloves, a small penknife, some extra pencils, who knows what other odds and ends.
    I lean towards the theory that it was a “grab of opportunity” --when I carelessly placed the bag on the ground. Luckily for me, the real valuable item I had on that haversack, a 35 mm. digital camera and the accompanying lens --including the valuable in the memory card-- were on my hands when the haversack disappeared.
    My van remained untouched until Sunday evening, when the trusty AAA showed up to tow me 77 miles home.
    I thank all of those who offered me some consolation over the weekend. Particularly those who gave me lifts so I could get to some of the evening activities, when I was unable to drive myself.
    It will cost me at least $215 to get a new key made and have it “programmed” to my vehicle –in the words of my local dealership. Bastards! It shouldn’t cost that much, with today’s technology, but what can one do… they have me --and you!-- by the short hairs… Arghhhh!
    Still, I can wholeheartedly call them… bastards!
    In any case, hope you enjoy the photography. God knows I enjoyed doing it, even if it was done under the most pleasant circumstances. But the glass was half-full. Saturday Nov. 17 in Gettysburg was one of the most beautiful days for Remembrance Day in many years. It was great seeing so many old friends and, to be honest, I really did enjoy a lot of laughs.
    Good memories to share on the retirees' porch a couple of years from now.
    If you feel inclined to do so, please post a comment or two about the Zangroniz Photography imagery. For that’s how we improve… through your feedback.
    Thank you one and all!
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    Farbs, semi-farbs and authentics and ultra-authentics...
    I have been asked, privately, if I choose to feature FARBS in my website photographic displays.
    The short answer is simple: No.
    I go to events to DOCUMENT what you --the whole panoply of the reenacting community-- choose to display in public, within the purview of my cameras --and those of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others.
    I cannot answer for all the others, but on my behalf, I proceed to document what I see. Good, bad and indifferent.
    If you want nothing but good on public display, then choose to display, in public, nothing but good.
    If you continue to display what you see in my website, then that is EXACTLY what you will see there.
    It's entirely up to you. Each and every ONE of you.
    Your choice.
    So go ahead and show me... what you've got and... are willing to show the public.
    Your choice, entirely.
    Don't ask me for any more explanations. I have explained it all, I think.
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    More handholding...
    Someone writes in, to chide me for not stipulating *exactly where* my Remembrance Day photos are displayed.
    Here's the magic "secret" to finding them:
    Go to, then click on the 12Remembrance gallery.
    Now, was it that hard to figure it out?
    Enjoy the visit.
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist


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