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Original and repro horse equipment and other unique stuff!
Pre War Pattern Iron, Double Rein Bit.
Here is another 19th Century Iron, Double Rein Bit: Identical to a bit pattern (a box of them) found on the 1856 Missouri River wreck ““Arabia””!!!
These bits have acquired various names over the years (port bit; Mule bit, etc.) but were very common prior to the war and in use by Southerners, westerners and in the Trans-Miss. A complete box of these very same bits were excavated from the 1856 Missouri River Steamboat wreck the "Arabia" ...and can be seen now in their museum home in Kansas City.
HEY!!! That makes this pattern perfectly authentic and "right" for any pre-war or war time civilian or for Confederate "pressed into service" impressions!
Measures 5 ˝˝ inches long overall with 4 ˝˝ inch mouthpiece (interior width). EXCELLENT condition! Showing only light surface rust.
COST; $35

19th Century Port Bit!
I do not believe these are war time bits although the pattern favors some that are. These are found in quite large numbers of post war catalogs. Still, they make a mighty fine low cost, cast iron, civilian port bit. Very light weight and gentle on the horses mouth.
EXCELLENT CONDITION! showing only light surface rust. Measure 7 ˝˝ inches long with a 4 3/4 inch (interior width) low port bar mouth piece.
COST; $35

Wonderful! 19th Century Civilian brass Spurs. A matched set!
I am more than a bit reluctant to sell these as they are a mighty fine matching pair of brass spurs that I have owned a while and wanted to keep for myself. I even made this pair of spur straps especially for them using a nice old pair of brass frame buckles. Nevertheless, I have another pair I regularly use and I don’’t ride much anymore so they need to go to someone who will use them. I am led to believe these are an old British pattern but I am not sure, though I have seen a pair very much like them labeled as British. They have a Colonial look to them but for sure, they are well made, solid and strong. I am adding the straps that I made myself of well tanned, strong russet leather. Brand new! I have not even punched the holes yet.
Great pair for a civilian impression any period- Colonial through the end of the 19th century or, a Confederate impression.
COST: $150

Original "period" Iron Stirrups, Great for reenactors!
Nice matching (nearly) pair of sturdy, original, 19th century iron stirrups. I rode an identical pair of these on a CS McClellan of mine "many a mile" in the "old days". They work very nicely. Not too heavy and fit well with a modern foot/boot. Interior dimensions are 4 3/4 inches with a three inch tread.
This pattern is found in large numbers in the western South but I believe them to be post war. They turn up quite frequently on old original Kilgore and Somerset saddles often and in post war commercial saddle catalogs. There is speculation they may have some association to Kentucky saddle makers. Most certainly they are NOT CS makes. However, years ago a pair was excavated out of a CS camp in north Mississippi but that is the only lineage of any kind to the war period that I have ever seen. So I cannot draw any definitive conclusions about them. Still, they make an excellent pair of "period" civilian reenactor stirrups because of their similarities to other period stirrups and, very importantly, they safely fit most modern feet.
The BEST- ““original”” iron stirrups that a reenactor can buy!
COST: ONLY $95!!! CHEAP! A bargain! These go on ebay for $165 a pair and up! DOUBT ME?....LOOK IT UP!

Artillery Whip!!
This is old but I cannot say how hold. I picked it up cheap, did some repairs and now will let it go cheap. Made very similar but not identical to two wooden handled CW originals I have seen in photographs. Wood handle w/ wrist loop, braided leather whip with tassel end. Strong and serviceable although showing some age. Measures over four foot overall with 18 inch wood handle and three foot leather whip. Really cool! For your artillery impression!!
COST: $38

Period saddle or sleeping blanket! Thick, warm blanket of cotton weave in the old style and made of two hand loomed pieces sewn together. Colors are kinda a light blue and with some mellow yellow cream stripes. The colors are not fast but faded which suggests to me it was probably hand dyed. Measures 74 inches by 56 inches. Perfect for a saddle blanket, blanket roll or for a civilian reenactor's bed. This is a very nice original blanket!! Priced right!
COST: $110

Hand made of layered leather using the old, wire drawing method. This is a late 19th to early 20th century catalog pattern leather horse brush. While this one is most certainly a catalog product, I have often seen this very same pattern marked "US" and "Army" and, .....I have seen these with markings suggesting they were Brtiish Army. Apparently, these were made in very large numbers cause I still find them from time to time.
The hand strap has a catalog # 8651 and the word "Sears" clearly marked which obviously suggests that it is a Sears catalog item. From when? I don't know. The body has a very crisp and clear period-typical embossed motif of a horse atop a crown (suggesting an English origin but that is not conclusive in and of itself as some of these are British marked too.)
Regardless, this one is in excellent, almost like "new" condition! I have not seen one as nice as this in some time. The leather is in wonderful condition, shiney and bright, the layered back is thick, strong and pliable. The hand strap is in great condition too and securely sewn and the bristles are secure, very soft and pliable.
Hard to believe this is perhaps 100+plus years old!! This brush should provide alot of hard service for the reenactor or last nearly forever for the collector. Size: 9 x 4.5 inches
These leather hand brushes are getting exceedingly difficult and rare to find. A great reeanctor or collector's item!
Cost: $ 40

Wow! Unique pattern 19th century double rein iron snaffle bit! The double rein snaffle was common in variations during the period but this unique patented snaffle pattern while common then is rarely available on the market today. Double Rein!! Perfect for use on the mild to medium mouth horse or the horse in transition from snaffle to port. Cast and forged iron. Solid, serviceable, excellent condition, cleaned and quite ready to use. Large enough for a modern horse! Mouth piece is 5 1/8th inches interior width. Snaffle rein ring is 1 3/4 interior width and the lower rein ring is one inch interior width. Headstall loop is 7/8's inches wide. Probably the only one available in the hobby right now! Be different but authentic! Great for civilian, CS officers or privates usage or...as a collectible!
COST: $70....... This bit is not cheap I know but a rare bird indeed.

Here is a rarely offered item.....Original Southern Raking Spurs! These iron, mid 19th century pattern raking spurs are VERY difficult to find. I rarely have them available. The raking rowel is different from most other patterns in that the rowel is horizontal to the ground. NOTE: This pattern is NOT military! No! They were common and popular in the South prior to and after the war but are light weight iron, civilian riding spurs meant for pleasure riding in town and country. Therefore not as durable as the heavy, military issue brass spurs. Size: Will fit any modern boot heel. Accommodates a one half to slightly wider spur strap. GREAT for the civilian or ““pressed into service”” Confederate spur or as a collectible!
COST: $85

Pair of Confederate officer's "C" boss bridle rosettes....just like those imported from England during the war. *RARE! ONLY one pair available!! ...Anywhere!
The famous Confederate "C" boss bridle bits are well known. Much less known is that some few "C" boss bridle rosettes and even some "C" boss martingale hearts have been found or excavated from war time sites. While few of these are known they are certainly legitimate Confederate import items. I have seen everal. Although it is unclear when and where during the war they arrived in the South and to whom they were sold, I can speculate that given the history of the "C" boss bits it is likely these rosettes were imported and shipped to Richmond for sale to CS officers in the ANV or proximity (perhaps some to Augusta or even Atlanta?) but this is just my conjecture. The "C" boses are solid red brass, correct size (2 inch diameter), shape, thickness and weight. Expertly cast by Hanover Brass from an original "C" boss. I purchased them and had the brass wire loops soldered on the backs. While I readily admit that most if not all the backs of period rosettes were lead filled I felt the additional weight that lead added to them made them far too heavy. Still, when mounted on a headstall and bridled on the horse the difference is negligible. Right now, ne of a kind and a rare opportunity!
COST: $75 for the pair.

NOTE: All items! Shipping is included for continental U.S. I will ship to Europe but contact me for extra shipping costs beyond this boundry.

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