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Thread: Parade order uniform for Union

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    Default Parade order uniform for Union


    My unit is the 7th NJ Co A. I've been trying to figure out what would be the most appropriate dress uniform to wear specifically for parades. For years now we have been trying to settle on something that all should wear to look the same, in regards to shoulder scales, Hardee Hats, etc. The field uniform for the 7th was frock, forage, white laced gaiters. The regs show that Hardee hats were issued, and although most soldiers seemed to avoid them, etc., for that fact would they not even have been worn for spit and polish parades? There are no known photos of an enlisted or NCO from the 7th with a Hardee but again, does that make it "wrong" to use for a parade?


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    Depends on whether you're looking to dress up for a given period parade (The Washington City parade at the end of the war, for example) or for any generic parade that you'd be doing for modern times showmanship.
    Full dress frock, Hardee with brass, feathers, etc., white gloves, polished brass and blackened leathers will make you all spiffy for AOP.
    Did the 7th NJ wear the gaiters all through the war?
    Wouldn't do that for the western armies. There are stories of the men being ordered to buy new uniforms to wear for the Washington City parade. Most of those that actually bought them seem to have stashed them and wore what they had on when they came into town. The step they took marching was also different than that of the AOP.
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