What will this election mean concerning civil war reenacting for the next four years?

Give this some thought ..... This morning the Futures Market within minutes of opening dropped 7 points. Within 1 hour it was down 35 points, then an hour later down 125 points and by noon over 300 points. The market recovered, closing 212 points down and below 13K again. If the business men and women of this nation have no faith in Obama it will be 4 more years of bad times.

I think that CW reenacting will be towards the bottom of a lot of peoples list. The Democrats will see to it that no one has any money. They will give our taxes (after they raise them) to those who do not go to work or contribute to society. People will be worrying about how to put food on the table – not reenacting. I think the “face” of reenacting is going to see some big changes next season and in the future. I also think several events may have to shut down or charge a lot more money for reenactors to participate.

I think reenacting in general is going to continue to take a big hit. Last season and so far this season reenactor turnout has been low – both spectator and participant. As far as I can tell next week’s Suwannee event will have low numbers too. If the event host doesn’t make money there will be no event. Contrary to what many reenactors want to think .......... the event host is not there to supply them with a place to have fun ...... they are there to make money. When they don’t make money they cancel the event and do something else. Case in point – Horse Landing and Huntsader. They both closed and started different events that paid them a lot better than reenactments do.