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    My unit does an Union ambulance corp impression. How likely would it be to have a medical cadet on the field carrying a stretcher? The research I have done said it was a typical task of a cadet, but it was more likely that the cadet would be doing surgeries along side the surgeon and assistant surgeons. Would the youth status of the cadet put him on the field or was this very unlikely? Any input would be helpful

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    Default Not on the field, in the Hospitals

    All I have read they were second year medical students assigned to either hospitals or brown water navy hospital ships. See the book "Wounded River".
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    Smile Not sure about 2nd year

    I am not sure if that information is correct from what I have read. I am under the impression that they were to have completed 2 years of training and at least 1 course of lectures. Then they had to pass an examination board to be considered. I know from the only article I have found about it.
    This says something about when not in battle that yes... they would most likely control a ward in the hospital or on the boats (to be fair, there were only 5 cadets out of 80 on the boats). But, I have also read of them working under an assistant surgeon on the field of battle (maybe at an aid station? or tending under fire with the corpsman?) This is where my research seems to run dry. Anyone have any other good articles or information about the cadet corp?
    Thank you though for the reply. I will be checking out that book soon enough when I can get it ordered from the library. Might lead me in a better direction.


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