I think he is asking about live rounds again, the video isn't too bad for commercial rounds, the CS Ordnance manual gives the paper sizes for .44 and .36 which are just tiny little paper rounds like long arm ammo. You can see why commercial ammo was so popular. I have used cigarette papers, they have some nitrite in them and had no problem with spark making it through, they are fragile but the "store bought" rounds had boxes that were designed to protect fragile little rounds.
Yes, thanks I'm asking about live rounds. I have the CS Ordnance manual I will look up their details on revolver ammunition. I am mostly curious at this point how the lead bullet was secured to the cartridge mouth. Was it glued in place?

This guy is using someone's fantastic replicas - even the boxes are right with some of them having a copper wire to rip out to open them. But he won't say who makes them.