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Mid-war Federal shelter half (Type IIIa utilizing Gaede's modern type description) completely handsewn -$110 shipped. This is one half only, utilizing older stock Family Heirloom Weaver's blue line duck, with NJ Sekela bone shelter half buttons, manila rope tent pin loops, and hemp guy line. This is a transitional early Type IIIA, meaning it was handsewn (probably at the Schuykil Arsenal) and not machine sewn as other Type III's. The optimum impression time for this type of shelter half is mid to late 1863 for issuance, and mid 63 to early 64 for use, as these were replaced by all machine sewn shelter with 3 tent pin loops instead of 2 like the earlier models. This is an awesome piece, rarely offered today correctly patterned and constructed. It utilizes a contrasting reinforcement material in the corners as originals had, with the correct buttons offered by NJ Sekela. The images above show the full tent half, and the fronts and backs of the reinforced corners, showing the buttons, buttonholes, and grommets.