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Thread: Remembrance Day 2012...

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    Default Remembrance Day 2012...

    Remembrance Day is nearly upon us, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19.
    What units and/or individuals are planning to do special remembrance ceremonies, either before the parade or immediately afterwards?
    I am looking for fresh fodder for the ever-ravenous journalism mill, since I will be, as usual, covering the proceedings for The Civil War News.
    Are there any units and/or individuals preparing special impressions for this particular weekend?
    Your suggestions will be most appreciated and I thank you in advance.
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    Rememberance Day this year is Saturday Nov. 17th, not the 19th.


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    Good catch, Cory.
    My apologies, I simply misread the calendar!
    I hope everyone knows when Remembrance Day is, as Cory points out, on Sat. Nov. 17
    There are some special activities planned for Monday, Nov. 19, such as those that will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, including a special presentation in town by renowned Hollywood luminary Steven Spielberg, in Gettysburg. I hope to be there.
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    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    We'll do our normal thing with the FVB in the National Cemtery then around 9:30ish? we will head over to Evergreen Cemetery to honor the Men of the 138th CO. B who are burried there followed by laying a wreath or flowers over at Elizabeth Thorn's grave who's husband was also in the 138th.
    Then as soon as possible get to O'Rourkes!!!
    Sgt Coleman
    138th PVI
    Federal Volunteer Brigade

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    We too will be in the Cemetery with the FVB, and also participating in the parade. However, our unit did not fight in Gettysburg, so there is no monument, etc., to honor.

    However, we were invited by the Gen Meade Society to participate in the ceremonies at the Meade monument, which we gratefully accepted. It will be nice to be able to participate in something special that day.

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    Folks, I am totally, TOTALLY, baffled...!
    Why, because three days ago I put out an "information appeal" here about events to take place in Gettysburg on Remembrance Day, some 12 days from now --and the scarcity of responses has been daunting.
    Not at all like what I usually get while on the field, when I am practically CONSTANTLY peppered with queries such as "why don't you photograph the cavalry, or the artillery, or the Marines, the civilians, or whatever... more often?"
    Even a private appeal to a member of a group of civilians who has done a particularly scenario --one involving flowers and the troops-- has gone unheeded.
    Here is --or was-- a chance, actually, TWO, for you individuals and/or units to bring your special knowledge to the *direct* knowledge of a member of the news media seeking to photograph something *out of the ordinary* and give needed publicity to those who go "out of their way" to conmemorate the fallen, but you... in general, have dropped the ball.
    I simply cannot believe that there isn't one particular unit that is preparing a "special" display for Remembrance Day.
    That there isn't a group --heck, even ONE individual, planning to be at some obscure monument on the Gettysburg battlefield on Remembrance Day to render homage to some forgotten aspect of the valor displayed by someone during that titanic clash.
    Where are you people?
    Speak up!
    There's still time...!
    Afterwards, don't come to me to bellyache about "not getting enough media coverage," or "not getting enough attention," because I will have no pity whatsoever for you. You won't get ANY sympathy from me.
    So speak up NOW!!! --or forever hold your tongue.
    Thank you.
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    Why? Becuase not everyone who reenacts is a member of this forum. Some people actually go out and do instead of talking about doing Don't be offended - some people on here aren't going, some people who are aren't doing anything special, and others probably just want to have the moment to themselves. Don't come on here and berate people for not piping in - its a free forum. And you'll never hear me complain about the lack of media coverage in reenacting (quite the opposite actually)....
    Ross Lamoreaux
    Moderator and Sewer of Historical Clothing and Tall Tales

    "But our opportunity to learn and grow, to communicate the richness of the lives that have gone before us, that does not change. We do not outgrow it. It does not tatter and fall apart in our hands..." -Mrs. Terre Lawson, 2010

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    That is your God-given right, Ross.
    I, for one, do NOT begrudge that, because as I say, it is your right.
    I assure you that I am not offended. In the least. I did state that I was "baffled" at the discrepancy I see --and hear-- while on the field and what I am discover on this forum.
    The "complainers" on the field, a lot of whom I know for a fact are *personally* active on this forum, have remained solidly absconced in the wings of the debate.
    So how can I take their complaints seriously?
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist

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    Not all of us have consistent power yet. Or a roof to hang a lightbulb from.

    Look around Facebook. You'll see major players with chainsaws in their hands.

    Some things take priority.
    Provost Aide de Camp

    Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." >Mark Twain

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    I fully understand that, Provost Aide de Camp.
    And I assure you that I don't want to even "sound" as a wise-ass, much less act as one, with my queries on this forum.
    But it is a fact of life that Gettysburg will be besieged with A HUGE BUNCH of people in just a couple of weekends, including many from the most storm-affected areas of New Jersey --for instance, I was *totally* astounded at the number of people from New Jersey that I photographed in Washington DC this past weekend during the so-called "Million Muppet March". I found, and photographed, more folks from New Jersey in attendance there than I did from my own county, which is only a few miles, and a short subway ride away, from the U.S. Capitol.
    I am merely trying to offer an even break to those reenactors who are "investing" the most in the Remembrance Day celebrations. An offer of public recognition, if you will.
    And I hope you can understand that. For I cannot photograph them if I don't know they are there, pure and simple.
    Julio C. Zangroniz, Independent Photojournalist


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