A CS Frock, Size 42 Short (waist)- Jean Cloth. Was a more mainstream frock which I added handset buttonholes, and K&P Company, super nice blue wool cuffs and collar. Lining will need a little love. Asking $100 shipped to you.

CS Prichard/Pritchette Pack. Nicely made, mostly machine sewn with handsewn details like buttonholes and straps. Carriage feels nice when smartly packed. Asking $100 shipped to you.

Either a NJ Sekela or older Matt Woodburn U.S. State Issue Brown Blanket with dark brown stripes. Used a half dozen times. Asking $105 shipped to you. Edges are not bound and show light ware. Not major burn or mole holes.

Lastly- an original mid/late 19th century campaign lantern. No wick but in great shape with minimal rust. Asking $80 shipped to you. Get your wide awake on.

Please email me for pictures.