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Thread: Musicians Wanted in North East Ohio

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    Default Musicians Wanted in North East Ohio

    Musicians Wanted:

    Hi folks. The Black River Boys, North East Ohio's premier civil war string band, are in need of musicians. Our fiddler and guitarist are both moving away. We are happy for them both and wish them the best of luck as they start new chapters in their lives, but we are also sad to see them go.

    So, we are in need of a fiddler and guitarist (parlor guitar) who don't mind dressing in 19th century clothing. We dress as Union soldiers, but civilian garb would be alright. Ladies are welcome too. We can easily switch to The Black River Band. Most of our paying gigs are in the spring and summer, so we have the whole winter to rehearse. Our current fiddler will be around until his house sells, so you can jam and learn the songs directly from him. We are also open to claw hammer Banjo players to try out, if any are interested. Clayton Samels, who currently fills that roll, could switch to guitar if needed. visit our FB page to hear samples of some of the songs we do...

    Drop me a line and we can set up a time to get together, and play a few tunes.
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    PM sent my friend

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