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Thread: BGA or GAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanktrent View Post
    I tend to lean toward the opinion that reenacting is more about purchasing a commodity than donating to a charity, so I'll "buy" a weekend at any event that seems worth the price. But I can understand the reasoning that some people use, when they choose an event based on where the funds go. Even Americans take a break from greed every once in a while, to exercise their generosity.

    If reenactors picture what they're doing as volunteering their time and donating their money for historic education and preservation, rather than buying a weekend getaway, it makes sense they'd want to know where their donations were going. People don't like to give either volunteer labor or money to charities that eat up all the funds with administrative expenses.

    If they were just purchasing a weekend experience package--("what'll we do this weekend, honey, the dude ranch, the wine country tour, the fantasy baseball camp or the Civil War reenactment?")--then I agree, it's like any other for-profit business, and what the owners do with the income they get from their customers is up to them.

    Hank Trent


    Well said--------------I don't have a problem with for profit, Perryville 150th and the CPH approach to donations would make this Poster happy. With the numbers involved and the money from us and paying public this Event could go a long way in helping that all worthy cause. Reenactors have been used for years. Folks want something different, I agree having been to GAC-145th. Different for me also involves the donation side of things. Ask anyone who does Artillery, Gettysburg will cost more than the price of a movie ticket. Chevy or Ford------------both events should please the average person based on which Brand you like or prefer to pay for. Running down one Event to embellish the other may be looked at as form of advertizing. Mileage may vary based on which one you drive. Chevy or Ford.


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    After a discussion of the pros and cons, the expected numbers involved, the relative locations and battlefields and the overall quality of both events, our company will be attending the Blue Gray Alliance Event.

    It appears that a majority of the major umbrella organizations are throwing their support behind the Blue Gray Alliance event. The swiftness of the support for BGA indicates a shift in the hobby so much that it appears that BGA will have more troops than GAC. That is striking in and of itself and led us to take a good long hard look at both events. The numbers may or may not be important to some, but it did strike a chord with our membership who would like to attend a large event (many of which have never been to Gettysburg).

    Having said that, I do find it discouraging that both events cannot combine to form one large mega event for this special anniversary. It may very well be the last time many old timers are in the field and it would be nice to have all the reenactors together. But, unfortunately, that will not be.

    Those that are attending the GAC event should have a great time; those that attend the BGA event should have a great time. Each individual company is different with different attitudes, preferences, etc. To whichever event you attend, make the most of it with your pards, enjoy it, and keep foremost in your mind that you are representing those that struggled on that hallowed field.

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    Well, I rarely post, but here goes . . .

    I have always disagreed with the idea that reenactors have been "used." To me, that implies that we are somehow tricked or forced into attending an event. I have been to all sorts of events, big, small, and in-between over the last 20 years, but I don't believe any of them have forced me to attend. I choose where and when I go, so the responsibility is mine alone based upon many factors that may or may not include where the dollars go. It is up to each of us to decide "Go? Stay home? or Start My Own?"

    Lisa Earle Mullins
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    Default A bit of a dilemma here....

    ...but maybe that relates more to finding a way to stay married after being away for two weekends and the week in between!

    Having been to a fair number of BGA and predecessor events, there is no comparison for me, even though the only two times I ever attended the GAC Gettysburg were as spectators. But -- and maybe this will somehow change -- the National Regiment, of which I am part, is expected to be doing a dress parade on Sunday at the Pennsylvania Monument, where we are then invited/expected to camp for the rest of the week.

    That's why the NR is committed to the GAC event -- presumably (since I am not part of its leadership), the feeling was this event, or no 150th Gettysburg event at all. Because I am a mere private, what I am going to try to do is go to the BGA reenactment, then on Sunday morning bop over to Gettysburg, and then maybe, or maybe not, go to the rival event the following weekend.

    It is a real annoyance to even have to make these choices, but as great as the BGA event will be, far more compelling to me is the opportunity to camp on the field, and take part in the ceremonies that the NPS will be conducting during the week, even if it means attending neither.

    A real annoyance, I say!

    B.C. Milligan
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    1. Get the concept of BGA having a better business model out of your vocabulary....The BGA event was created because they will not support an event where they are not in command. It has nothing to do with allocation of monies, authentic standards...the BGA event only exists so their big bugs are in command. Not that some of their big bugs aren't nice guys but to splinter the hobby just so they can be in command is not for the betterment of the hobby.
    2.The reference to the quality of commanders at GAC was simply a catch phrase to describe some of the reasons cited by some as their reason to go to BGA. GAC will have some very competent officers on many levels.
    3. If BGA had been hosting a 146th, 147th, 148th and 149th Gettysburg and GAC announced their150th, then it would be GAC creating an event that divides the hobby. But GAC has taken the risks of hosting the off year events and deserves the support of the hobby in return. To gladly attend the off years then not attend the 150th because BGA just cannot bring themselves to support an event that cannot command is not consistent of the loyalty and honor our ancestors clearly demonstrated in their actions.
    Nothing stops a Progressive Brigade, sleeping on your arms and all the other oohs and ahhs. the BGA claims they will have.
    The duel events will harm both events. Put aside your egos and personal agendas for once and unite for the good of the hobby. BGA-accept that you are not in command but establish solid communications with GAC management and work to get the best experiences for your men.
    This event is for the men, not the officers who cannot let go of political and personal grudges. As I said earlier, if a way of combining the two events cannot be achieved because of personality clashes, power struggles, rumor mongering and outright sabotage, then you are not someone who is portraying a true soldier, you are just wearing a uniform .

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    What a grand opportunity Pvt Milligan

    Opportunities at a National Park trump all others.

    And with that, we are done

    All the best,
    Provost Aide de Camp

    Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." >Mark Twain


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