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I tend to lean toward the opinion that reenacting is more about purchasing a commodity than donating to a charity, so I'll "buy" a weekend at any event that seems worth the price. But I can understand the reasoning that some people use, when they choose an event based on where the funds go. Even Americans take a break from greed every once in a while, to exercise their generosity.

If reenactors picture what they're doing as volunteering their time and donating their money for historic education and preservation, rather than buying a weekend getaway, it makes sense they'd want to know where their donations were going. People don't like to give either volunteer labor or money to charities that eat up all the funds with administrative expenses.

If they were just purchasing a weekend experience package--("what'll we do this weekend, honey, the dude ranch, the wine country tour, the fantasy baseball camp or the Civil War reenactment?")--then I agree, it's like any other for-profit business, and what the owners do with the income they get from their customers is up to them.

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Well said--------------I don't have a problem with for profit, Perryville 150th and the CPH approach to donations would make this Poster happy. With the numbers involved and the money from us and paying public this Event could go a long way in helping that all worthy cause. Reenactors have been used for years. Folks want something different, I agree having been to GAC-145th. Different for me also involves the donation side of things. Ask anyone who does Artillery, Gettysburg will cost more than the price of a movie ticket. Chevy or Ford------------both events should please the average person based on which Brand you like or prefer to pay for. Running down one Event to embellish the other may be looked at as form of advertizing. Mileage may vary based on which one you drive. Chevy or Ford.


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