The 3rd OVI/ 4th KY (CSA) reenacting and living history group is a western theater, campaign style unit formed from the majority of members of the old 4th Ohio Co E, Killbuck mess. We have members in central and northern Ohio. Our veteran members are well thought of in Ohio reenacting and include 1st Sergeant Eli Johnson and Sons as well as Corporal Harley T. Smith and wife Rachel. We are also proud to announce that we recently received our probationary status in the Army of the Ohio.

Our 2013 schedule is a 50/50 split of Federal and Confederate impression and we will be attending the BGA Gettysburg event.

Our mission statement is to honor the past, educate the present and have a little fun doing both.

We are seeking new as well as veteran reenactors of like mind.
New members should note that we have loaner gear and do not expect new members to immediately purchase kit for 2 impressions.

If interested please call PVT Hugh Compton, Orderly, at 614 836-2655 or email at