I was a Cav Trooper at Cedar Creek, really enjoyed the entire weekend and thought it went well. I interacted with the public before and after the battles and took away nothing but positive vibes. From the spectator's perspective, I don't think a reenactment is the place where you need to count stitches or compare us to paintings and drawings of the period. The totality of the battles are representations not to be scrutinized at such a detailed level but viewed from a distance. Don't get me wrong, I am a stickler for authenticity and have spent a small fortune to prove it. I tip my hat to ladies, salute non-Cav officers and make every effort to act like it's the mid nineteenth century. I can't impact everyone's behavior or appearance but in my camp, I make sure my Battalion is aware if something isn't right, wasn't done, or didn't exist. I hope there's a seed like me in every camp and maybe we can improve from the ground up.

On an unrelated note, I've only been in this 6 years. Why is there so much polarization between the Blue and Gray camps. Just because I'm shooting at them and swinging a sabre at them doesn't mean I don't like or respect them. I make an effort to say hi to a Yank who rides through our camp but when go over the Blue camps I feel like I might have to cut dirt and run.