I guess this is where to put this:
Did anyone wander through the spectators after Cedar Creek this past weekend? If you did, did you have a chance to talk to them at all? I did, and got asked lots of good questions and a few disappointing ones.

I also got an overall feel for the event from a spectator’s point of view, they think were stupid looking!
What they mean is that they know the first ½ hour of the battle no one is going to be “Killed or wounded”, and then, when we are tired or out of blanks then there are casualties.
They also noticed that our Officers, ride on their horses out in front of the line of men and never ever gets shot out of the saddle! They witnessed miracle after miracle, it looked unrealistic and extremely out of place.
One even remarked about the officer on the horse in the movie “Gettysburg”, that was told he was a target and did get shot off his mount.
Another said he has come to this event for years and has noticed a decline in the efforts of reenactors to try and be realistic or even follow the true historical events that took place here.
Many said it was a good show, but that they are tired of having to use Binoculars to watch the show, and wanted to know why we don’t move things closer to the viewing line like we used too.
A history teacher / veteran said that, “what he saw today, was an insult to the brave men that did fight in the real war”!
I was a bit embarrassed to have asked what he thought of our “Show”, and of those whom I didn’t ask, they came right out and told me of their disappointment in our portrayal of those hero’s of 1861-65.
I would hope that over the upcoming winter many of our fellow reenactors would sit down and really think about why you’re in this hobby and what you want to give to it and get out of it. AND that they would also look at the persona that they have adopted, and their Kit, and really sit down and study a good book on the war, then dump the FARB out of their impression!
If we soldiers do a great job in our realistic impression, dump the farby crap, and learn to take hits than at least we look good, even if our officers want to look stupid and ride on top of a horse in full view of the enemy troops that are blazing away at him.

Gerald Drake