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    Hello everyone, I was wondering what those of you that are modern EMS people use to carry modern medical supplies out on the battle field. Im a Paramedic and Im new to the hobby and I have been using 2 tarred haversacks. I met a fellow Surgeon and EMS provider and he uses a Leather Gunners Haversack. I really like the gunners haversack idea. Im looking for other suggestions so I can work on getting something over the winter.
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    I used to use just the plain ole tarred haversack. Simple and easier to carry along and doesnt stand out as something unusual, nor modern intrusive. I had added internal pockets and dividers into the liner so that articles could stay better arranged. The gunners haversack while affording more space.. but also more weight of items that you will soon discover arent really needed. To me it would stand out as something unusual and ackward for a medical officer to be using. Most tend to want everything to properly and quietly blend in with the given impression. In majority of cases the most you will be doing is acting in a simple first responder role. Which the few simple articles that may be required can easily fit into a common tarred haversack, diverting the common habit of trying to haul far too much stuff that experience will show isnt really needed. We quickly learn to do much more with much less.

    Just an opinion and observation
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    I tend to carry only a haversack with me. The issue with modern supplies on hand is that you aren't really going to be trying to tube a patient or doing anything more than ABC's on the field as a modern EMS crew should be close behind if something were to go wrong. You can hide most small things that you would need for a first in bag type thing in 1 haversack with anything else you may need to carry. There isn't much we can do without a way of transport, which is covered by the local event EMS. On a side note, if you are anything like myself, you will regularly travel out of state for reenactments. Reciprocity and medical command are for your local area only. Keep yourself safe from a lawsuit. Anyhow, enjoy

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