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    we were banned from cedar creek? Doing a living history at belle grove this weekend so we registered for CC too figured we'd ride over. Apparently the anv have infiltrated the CC board, so got a call from cc yesterday saying the cav commander has a problem with us. Mind you I have never met this man n this is also the fellow who shot a guy in the face n had to go to court for it. But I'm evil BC I have the audacity to speak up and say how terrible the mainstream cav is historically. Funny too, I just rented Jake Jeanette a horse at MmM, he didn't seem to have a problem with us either. We, the Valley Light Horse, are one of the few authentic cav groups left out there and CC chose Hollywood over history. Sad standards for a Historic site such as Cedar Creek to have.
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    I was told by Jake that it is not the ANV, but rather Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, and the Chair himself who made the call....Jake would not do such a thing.
    I guess a visit to CCBF if warranted if they want the 1,000 members plus of the SD to support them for any event.

    Will head that way in a few weeks.

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    We've closed one thread. There should not be another.

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