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    In 1861 many regiments went off to war with State issued blankets. Can anyone provide me with information (i.e. maker, size, color, markings, etc.) on the blankets issued by Pennsylvania and Wisconsin?
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    I reproduce the 38th and 28th PA blankets. The 38th blanket is housed in the Gettysburg Museum and the 28th was in Henry Kurtz collection. For more information you can email me at ~ Wayne Hutzell

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    I can fill you in on the ones that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania purchased in '61.

    They were to follow the same pattern as the US issue, but with PM for Pennsylvania Militia. When the bid requests were put in the newspapers, this was changed to PV for Pennsylvania Volunteers.

    Blankets were purchased from the following:

    May 1861: Blanket contracts awarded to two PA Contractors in Simpson County and Milton, PA

    July 1861: 5lbs. wool blankets. 10,000 w/ PV in center were awarded to two Philadelphia Contractors.

    September 1861: grey wool blankets with PV in center. contracts awarded to a contractor in Allentown, PA and the Saxonville Mills in Massachusetts.

    In 1862, the Commonwealth turned the supply process over to Uncle Sam and waited for repayment for supplying it's volunteers.

    If you'd like to see some cool stuff, go to the Archives in Harrisburg, PA on a weekday and go through Records Group 19 (RG-19). You'll get to view AND handle everything involved with PA trying to uniform and equip her troops. You'll see the books that contain the actual bid requests from the newspapers, the logs of the closed bids from the various contractors and who each contract was awarded to, as well as the correspondence concerning the shipping and billing of the finish product!

    Jim Abels

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    Thanks Jim for the great information on Pennsylvania State issue blankets.

    Wayne, email sent.
    "Whoever stood in front of the corn field at Antietam needs no praise." . . . . . Rufus R. Dawes, 6th Wisconsin.


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