I can’t help but wonder why many people will not get a history book and read instead of a thriller, romance, horror and such. I was one of those people too but one afternoon, I was having my “me” time when this whole human division kept turning around my head. So I decided to start reading about the American civil war which from what I know was about the south wanting to keep slavery alive but the opposite side was trying to defend freedom for all.

I am not from the US, I am rather from Haiti which was the first black republic in the world, the only country – as small and so very poor as it may be – who actually fought their way from slavery to freedom with nothing but the strong will to be free or die and they’ve done it with machetes.

So, to go back to my story, I was browsing through and I came up to this book “Civil War Battles in Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia, 1861-1865” and this book was put together by the County Civil War Commission. As I was reading it, It has come to my attention that this was one of the fiercest battle in history and one of the most selfless battle as well, people risking their lives for something they believe in, whether it was that you believe that all man should be free, or black should stay slaves and have no right to freedom. I am not judging here, but It is so interesting to see that back in the 1860s, even though the world was so divided and cruel, some harts could not help but to wonder about life, to see the cruelty at home and abroad and some take a stand and do something about it and doing so, put their lives at risk and eventually die for their beliefs.

It tells me that we have had good people from the beginning of times but what I can’t help but wonder is whether our harts are improving toward love or are we stuck there and here, I know that we are not getting worse but are we getting better at helping other people?

I think that we are, but some people will say that we are not and that we will only help if in the process we do not inconvenience ourselves, or we get something back in return, and that is not really helping; I say it is, and there is nothing wrong with it and if more people were doing it, the world will be better off.

To go back to the book, it has a very detailed information about the importance of a strategic location to a war like the civil war, and how Winchester was the route to Washington and that they have to protect it at all cost, both Army were fighting to get control, but at the end, the Union army prevail. You can read the entire book at www.historybookcorner.com

The point that I am trying to make is that history help us remember, we’ve been through a lot, and we are where we are because of the sacrifices strangers make because that they believe in something, and we too should make sacrifices for what we believe in, and that is the way the world will see a better tomorrow.

Our actions as big or small, good or bad can have a worldwide effect.
Rodriguez Maindron.