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Thread: Get your tintype made at Raymond/Vicksburg this weekend

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    Default Get your tintype made at Raymond/Vicksburg this weekend

    I'll be rolling in either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, and I'll be set up shortly thereafter to commence making images. Come get your picture made at the Photographic Emporium for your wife or sweetheart, or both.

    Many kind regards,
    Bruce Schultz, proprietor

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    Mr. Schultz, Two of my friends - a brother and sister - had an image made by you this past weekend at Raymond, and it is a terrific tintype. Well posed, well lighted, well tinted just a wee bit, and just darned well done.

    Phil McBride
    The Alamo Rifles

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    I saw a number of fabulous images coming from Bruce's camera this weekend. Had I possessed a free moment, I would have been up there too!!!

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    Fellows, I had a splendid time and truly appreciate each and every one. I was worn out and the end of every day, and that's a good thing. My only regret was not getting to the caves and the lunette. In hindsight, I should have shut down on sutler row and moved Sunday but maybe we can arrange to set up some views at a later date.

    Twas truly a wonderful weekend. Watching the secesh come out of the woods every morning was a spectacle unequaled. The music for the Saturday night dance from the two Arkansaw boys was some of the best I've ever heard. The only grumbles was that the dance didn't last long enough.

    I couldn't help but think that Raymond/Vicksburg was what Brice's would have been 3 years ago if it hadn't rained then. Oh well.

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    I placed Amie Clark in charge of the Caves area two years ago, shortly after the BGA team did our first site walk. Mrs Clark is local to the area and did an excellent job of research and staffing. I do hope the boys who got the dinner of rats and peas enjoyed their meal. It's a dish that takes a bit of planning, as I discovered around a decade ago at this site, but well worth the trouble. It seems there are always a couple of hard core boys around who see those paws and tails in the pot and say OH YES!!!

    As you look to the hope of future images, realize that the Caves are only moderately stable. It only takes a couple of hurricane rains to take them out. They were rebuilt in August, yet required significant shoring on the Monday prior to the event as they had washed significantly. It's unlikely that we will see future rebuilding on these as the Park service has raised objection to earth moving. In other words, act quickly. Mrs Clark and I will be back from Westville Ga next Monday.

    For those who enjoyed the music and dance, the creator is Deborah Hyland, dance caller from St Louis, Missouri. She puts together various excellent musicians and dresses them appropriate to the time period. She provides calling, instruction, and music for dances and social games for 18th, 19th, and 20th century events.
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