Iíve been doing research and Iím interested in knowing if the 10th Kentucky (Johnson) cavalry while assigned to the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry were ever issued the Jean wool shell with blue trim on the collar and cuffs. From the picture and other sources I see that other units like the 9th Kentucky cavalry and the 2nd Kentucky cavalry were issued these jackets, while assigned to the Army of Tennessee.
The 10th Kentucky cavalry was transferred to Gen John Hunt Morgan on 13 December 1862 and stayed assigned until the end of the war.
Does anyone know if they were? Since there are almost no records of quarter master reports for this unit and dealing with two units going by 10th Kentucky and/or the 13th Kentucky records are all mixed up.
Iíve read the history of the 10th Kentucky cavalry book by Adam R. Johnson and he makes no reference of uniforms but does mention his men in grey.

Jeff Thompson