Thank you Mrs. Simpson.

The idea of separate civilian scenarios and areas was not new---what was new was the implementation of a model that encouraged safety, structured opportunity to meet and learn from neighbors, with specific attention paid to the needs of children, and with higher material culture standards that were documented, written, and enforced.

Soldiers camps are their own to run. If a soldier's organization wishes to avoid having civilians traipse through their camps, its is up to them to set and implement parameters---including posting guards, requiring passes and escorts, and promulgating documented and correct military camps. While soldiers are accustomed to presuming that they are 'in charge' due to the ability to impose their will as an army, the historic reality is that the civilian populace was in place and living there before an army ever came through. Intelligent military commanders removed their troops to an area away from the civilian population, if for no other reason than to avoid dealing with pleas for reimbursement of property damage .