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Thread: Uniform for the Rememberance Day Parade

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    Default Uniform for the Rememberance Day Parade

    Too old to reenact and have items from reenacting days and Gettysburg Movie for sale or loan in case you are on the fence about reenacting and you may want to march in the Rememberance Day parade in Nov.

    From my movie days, I have one grey kepi autographed by Stephen Lang the actor who played Pickett. Size large

    One grey coat, short jacket with CSA buttons. Bought for the movie but never worn. Size 46-48

    Dark blue vest size 44-46

    White shirt worn and slight tear in the shoulder. X Large

    Sky blue pants size 44 29 well worn with dirt and patches. Looks battle hardened.

    Gum blanket or poncho. Worn in the rain once.

    Cloth suspenders

    Blue canteen

    Send me $225 via postal money order or paypal and I will send you the above items. Used them to participate in the Parade. Get a Yea or Nea from your pards and decide if you want to keep the items or send them back to me. For the cost of return postage, you can try before you buy. Pictures upon request via email.

    True Blue and Diamond Hard,
    30 th PA Vincent's Brigade retired
    3rd US (NSSA active)

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    Sorry, I just found a pair of Jefferson bootees, civilian style, size 12. Add another 25 dollars for a total of $250 shipped to you.


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    PM sent.

    caleb courtney

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    Hi Harry,
    OH, I wish we were the same size. Sent you a PM.


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