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Thread: Double Breasted Enlisted Mans Shell Jacket?

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    Question Double Breasted Enlisted Mans Shell Jacket?

    Does anyone know of an actual example of a double breasted, enlisted mans shell jacket?

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    The 1st Va Cavalry wore a version with black piping early war but Im not sure if any survived
    pvt Gary Mitchell
    2nd Va Cavalry Co. C
    Stuart's Horse Artillery

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    I don't think it was double breasted.

    There are two paintings/drawings that I am aware of that show the bars. One is contemporary from Harpers after a reporter was with the 1st @Sharpsburg. The other is a painting depicting the charge of Stuart's Cav @ 1st Manassas against the Zouaves.

    The first shows the bars that we see today, and the painting shows the piping that looks more like VMI/Citadel/West Point dress uniforms with the outer buttons omitted. Neither shows a double breasted jacket.

    The regimental history has around 100 photos of soldiers and none have the bars or piping. Going off memory, I don't remember any double breasted amongst the enlisted. I will confirm tonight.
    Mike Schramm

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    The only enlisted members in the 1st Va I could find wearing double breasted coats appear to be frock coats.
    Mike Schramm

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    Plenty of examples of such jackets, they are all pre war militia jackets. Take a look at the Orphan Brigade website on Ancestory. Take a look at the pictures of the men. Plenty of such jackets. You will find other such pictures with militia uniforms in all parts of the South, and some in the North too.


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