....and we are currently polling people on suggested titles. I would be delighted if you might take a few minutes to give us your input here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...OW9VUThOWHc6MQ

We don't ask for any personal information. And eventually -- i.e., in a week or so -- we will be launching our Kickstarter project, attempting to get funding for what we hope will be the best Gettysburg game ever. I won't ramble on about that now, save to say that not only am I a reenactor, I have been designing and managing the development of PC games for more than 20 years, as has my primary partner, and we will make a good game.

The moderators have graciously given me permission to post the above, and also to talk a little bit about our Kickstarter project, once we get started. We will eventually also be looking for beta testers.

Thanks for taking our poll!

B.C. Milligan
Company K, First Penna. Reserves