My goodness. It certainly is graphic proof of the huge irony of our dependence on an Italian supplier for the single most necessary and single most expensive product we must have to participate in our uniquely American hobby. I don't understand why an American gun manufacturer hasn't seen our niche market as a great advertising/marketing opportunity, even if the product made for us might be a "loss-leader" for their other products. Surely most CW reenactors purchase modern rifles, pistols, and shotguns and a fair number of us would buy them from the same firm that makes our black powder muskets from a sense of gratitude or brand loyalty. Moreover, everything but wine costs more in Italy, usually a lot more. Surely an American firm could make Enfields for less than it cost the Chiappa's to make them in Italy and ship them here. Italy ain't China or Pakistan or India. How did our whole longarms market wind up in the hands of one or two foreign companies that don't understand our hobby, don't care about US history or our hobby, and are in a country that costs more than here to make the darned things. I really don't get it. Where's today's Sam Colt or Henry Ford or Cyrus McCormick when you need him? We need some guy who has gotten rich off computers or video games and has a history fetish to do a start-up here and bring our market home. Not a rant exactly, but close. Sorry about that.

Phil McBride
The Alamo Rifles