Spent the morning with Todd Watts. He was showing me the latest batch of Enfields from Armi Sport that came in. Most are probably going to have to be returned to Italy. The A-C factory thinned out the fore-stock to practically a figure 8 shape with the bulge at the top two barrel bands and the wrist is so freakishly thin it resembles a 19th century fowling piece. It looks like you could break it in two over your knee. As a result the comb is way out of proportion, etc. It looks just plain weird, much worse than it was before. The barrel bands are blued instead of case colored, Armi Sport finally got that part right...but the stock contours are a mess and not much can be done about it. You can remove wood easily, but adding it back where it belongs is tough.

Todd took a picture of one of them next to my D.P. Enfield and is sending it to Rino Chiappa for correction. However, at least that production run is off to varying degrees and until the fix happens you may wish to hold off a bit or make your purchase in person so you can examine the stock contours closely. Better yet, just get their 1842 instead. Those are actually improved over how they used to be, which is high praise indeed.

Maybe Todd can post the picture he took. Ai Carumba.