There is a little known effort being made by the Friends of Arkansas Post to create a 150th anniversary event of that battle. The dates for this event are going to be Jan. 18 - 20, 2013. There will be the option to arrive as early as Jan. 16 for two days of living history for local school children. As of right now, there are over 1000 school kids signed up to come and visit the encampment.

The event site is situated on private property between the Arkansas Post State Park, and the Arkansas Post National Park. The land owner of this said has said that participants can do what they like on the site.

As with all events like this, in this part of the country, they are in need of Federals. So, if you, your mess, your company, or your battalion could go and support this effort by the Friends of Arkansas Post as Federals for the weekend, that would be fantastic. The cutoff for the total number of participants is 1,000. Historically, there were close to 50,000 Federals attacking roughly 8,000 Confederates. Plus, the Feds had gunboats supporting the infantry. Therefore, there needs to be a massive Federal presence at this event.

The event organizers will not have a rebuilt Fort Hindman, but they will have a long line of rifle pits / entrenchments for which the Confederates will take shelter behind and which the Federals will attack. The Feds made at least 8 separate frontal assaults on this mile long line of rifle pits, and each time were driven back with heavy loss. It was only due to the fire that the Confederate were taking from the front, as well as being fired on in their rear by gun boats, that they started to raise white flags. However, the command to surrender was never official given, so while one half of the Confederate force surrendered, the other half did not.

Here is a link to the website where you can register. Please come out to the Trans-Miss and support Arkansas Post's efforts at remembering the sacrifices of these soldiers 150 years ago. It might not be Gettysburg, but it's still worth remembering. Talk to your boys and drum up support to go to Arkansas Post in January, especially as Federals:


Nic Clark