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Thread: Ind. Billie Creek Village to be broken up/auctioned-Please spread word? Help preserve

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    Default Ind. Billie Creek Village to be broken up/auctioned-Please spread word? Help preserve


    I am writing to people who I think might also have an interest in preserving Billie Creek Village. When I read the article a few days ago, in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, I was so shocked and saddened to read that the private owner is having an auction October 20th where it will be broken up and the parcels of land and antiques sold off. Will you help think of people we can contact??

    We went to Billie Creek the next day and walked around to see what might be the last of this local treasure. We met others who also cared about this wonderful place and hope that it can be saved. The buildings there are from the Civil War Era and were moved there to make the village. Many, many antiques were donated for educational purposes.

    I have attached some links for the site, photos and an article about the upcoming sale in just a few weeks!
    October 20th.

    Do you know groups/organizations that might have the funding or grant money to purchase the property as a whole? Civil War buffs, Historical groups, preservationists, educators, Covered Bridge historians, etc.? People come from all across the United States to participate in the Civil War Days and there are over 70 acres of land that these people could use for events. If you know people in other states, please share this e-mail with them?

    I believe that Billie Creek Village could be made profitable, even a gold mine! During Covered Bridge Festival, millions of dollars are made in Parke County. If Billie Creek Village would hold the festival there during the 12 days, a lot of money could be made. I know that some people probably would not agree with allowing the selling there, but if it could save it, to me, it would be worth it.

    Thank you for reading,
    Angie Bridgewater
    Terre Haute, IN

    History of the buildings which were "moved" to the village- Civil War Era. (link below)

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    Any local Hoosiers have an update on this?
    Ross Lamoreaux
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    Though I'm not a local Hoosier anymore (still a Hoosier, just don't live there anymore)...

    From what I've read, the auction only generated bids for portions of the property totalling about 1/3 of the funds they'd hoped to raise. They stated that they would not entertain offers for portions of the property, but that they wanted to keep it all together, hopefully selling to someone who would maintain the property as an area attraction.

    At one point in time, the park was a "must see" during the local covered bridge festival and the reenactment was the largest in the region. We had a small drill at the site in the spring of 2011 in preparation for Manassas. The Coopers were very helpful, making space available for us.
    John Wickett
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    The auction was a failure and the property is back in limbo. I'm a little surprised Parke County didn't step in and buy it for tourist purposes.
    Scott Lawalin
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